Mothers Ultimate Mag & Aluminium Polish

Mothers Ultimate Mag & Aluminium Polish

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Mothers Ultimate Mag & Aluminium Polish meticulously cleans, restores and protects any metal surface to that next level, high-gloss shine and brilliance using ultra-fine, SiO2 infused nano-quartz abrasives.

This polish is safe for any uncoated metal, including aluminium, billet, stainless steel, nickel, brass, silver and copper. It provides incredible results when used by hand, or with any of the metal polishing tools from the Mothers PowerBall line.

Whether your vehicle has a lot of metal components or if it’s just the rims, maintaining it is crucial for preserving that glossy, clean and eye-catching finish. It also helps to protect the metal against weather and regular road damage, such as scratches and contaminants, which can lead to dulling oxidation.

This aluminium polish is widely used throughout body shops and among avid car enthusiasts for a reason – it works! Getting your aluminium rims and components mirror-shiny is simple with this in your arsenal.


Using a soft, clean microfibre cloth, apply a little bit of polish onto the metal surface. Then begin by rubbing it back and forth, not in a circular motion. As you do this, you’ll notice the black grime and residue lifting onto your cloth. Keep rubbing until there’s no more residue coming off of the metal. Before the polish dries, fold the cloth and remove the polish while it’s still wet.

Having our premium quality aluminium polish in your car cleaning kit will help to brighten up your wheels and other polishable metal components with ease so you can keep your vehicle looking like new for longer.

Size: 5oz
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